Why you should bring your Scout Troop to The Forks, Maine?

When planning a scout troop trip to The Forks, Maine, there are numerous exciting activities and adventures to consider. Here are some of the top things to do during your trip:


The Forks is renowned for its thrilling white-water rafting opportunities. Three Rivers Whitewater offers guided rafting trips for all skill levels. Scouts can enjoy navigating rapids, learning teamwork, and experiencing an adrenaline rush like never before.

Kennebec River

The Kennebec River is Maine’s most popular river trip! 

Single Day 
Raft down 13 miles of class III to IV whitewater rapids with breathtaking views. After the trip, guides prepare lunch for your troop, and a photo presentation will be played from your class IV rapids run.

Spend two days on the river and sleep overnight on the shore of Indian Lake! Your trip will start on Moosehead Lake, Kayaking over 3 miles of class I-III whitewater rapids, and your trip will end with a rafting trip down the Kennebec River over class II-IV whitewater rapids. Your guides will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your troop on the side of the river. After the trip, a photo presentation from your class IV rapids run will be played.

Penobscot Rafting

Dead River

Raft down 16 miles of Class II-III whitewater rapids that is only released on certain days throughout the year. After the trip, guides prepare lunch for your troop, and a photo presentation will be played from your class IV rapids run. 

Take advantage of this trip on:

  • SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 3 = 5,500 CFS – Labor Day Weekend

Penobscot River

Are you looking for a more adventurous rafting trip? Check out our Penobscot river trips two and a half hours from the forks.

Single Day 
Raft down Class IV and V Whitewater Rapids, which will pump up your troop’s adrenaline through rapids like Exterminatior, Troublemaker, and The Crib Works. Guides will prepare a riverside lunch in front of your troop and prepare you for the second half of your trip down Nesowadnehunk Falls and more class III-IV rapids.

Raft down Class IV and V Rapids spanning over two days. Your guides will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your troop on the side of the river. After the trip, A photo presentation will be presented so you can see your troop crushing through thrilling rapids.


The Forks is surrounded by beautiful wilderness and scenic trails. Plan hikes to explore the Appalachian Trail or take on shorter trails like the Moxie Falls Trail or the Pleasant Pond Mountain Trail. These hikes offer stunning views, wildlife encounters, and a chance to immerse yourself in nature.

Campsite by the kennebec river


Set up camp in one of the area’s designated campgrounds or backcountry sites. Camping in The Forks allows scouts to develop their outdoor skills, learn about Leave No Trace principles, and bond as a troop around the campfire.


Campsites – Camp in grassy fields, among the trees, or along the river

Log Cabin Rentals – These cabins sleep a variety of people from 4 to 27 based on each cabin’s space. 

Bunk Houses – These bunk houses sleep 6 to 8 people, while mini bunk houses sleep 3 to 4. Each bunkhouse has a picnic table and a fire ring. The bunkhouses do not include linens.


The rivers and lakes surrounding The Forks are ideal for fishing. Whether it’s fly fishing for trout in the Kennebec River or casting a line in one of the nearby lakes, scouts can enjoy the serenity of fishing while honing their angling skills.

Wildlife Spottings

The Forks is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Take the opportunity to observe and learn about the local animals. Keep an eye out for moose, deer, beavers, eagles, and other fascinating creatures that inhabit the area.


Explore the tranquil lakes and rivers surrounding The Forks by canoe or kayak. Rent equipment and embark on a serene paddling adventure, enjoying the peacefulness of the water and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Outdoor Cooking

Encourage scouts to participate in outdoor cooking activities, such as preparing meals over a campfire or using camping stoves. Learning to cook outdoors fosters self-sufficiency and teamwork while providing a delicious reward.


Things to remember

Safety should always be a top priority during any scout troop trip. Plan activities according to the skill levels and abilities of the scouts and ensure proper supervision and adherence to safety guidelines at all times. Enjoy the adventure and make lasting memories in The Forks, Maine!