What to Wear Whitewater Rafting

So, you were wondering…

What to Wear Whitewater Rafting?


Here’s what the guides say:




What to Wear Whitewater Rafting1. Wear a Bathing Suit

The name of the game is staying comfortable. This means wearing wicking materials that won’t hold the water against your body.




2. Polypro

SAY NO TO COTTON! If you choose to wear a shirt or any other type of layer over your bathing suit we recommend Polypro. When wet, cotton holds water against the skin which draws heat away from the body, making it a No-Go. Polypro, or polypropylene, clothing is quick drying and moisture wicking.



Wetsuit RentalWetsuit Rental

3. Wetsuit Rental

We highly recommend our wetsuit rentals for any and all rafters! This specially designed gear will go a long way in keep you dry and comfy out on the river!



Rain Jacket

4. Splash Top or Rain Jacket?

As an outer layer, splash tops will keep you the most dry. They have specialized gussets for your neck and wrists to keep out water. They do not have a hood though, which could come in handy if it does rain. We have Splash Tops available for rent with your wetsuit.

And yes, we do raft in the rain! Rafting is the most fun outdoor activity you can do in the rain! We raft rain or shine here at Three Rivers.




5. Footwear

Chacos, waterproof shoes, a pair of old sneakers, anything with an ankle strap is permitted on our rafts (minus those nice heels). Flip flops and bare feet are NOT allowed on our rafting trips. Basically it needs to STAY ON YOUR FOOT. If this is something you don’t own, we sell water shoes and Chacos at the Three Rivers Trading Post store. Booties are also available to rent with your wet suit.