What to Bring Whitewater Rafting

What to bring Whitewater Rafting

So, you have booked your trip, now what?

This packing list will get you and your group in the car and on the road in a snap!


On the Water

When on the river, you have got to keep warm and comfortable.

Bathing Suit

Intentional (or unintentional) swimming is apart of your rafting adventure, so having a comfortable swimsuit is a must for boating down the river.


NO COTTON ALLOWED! When wet, cotton draws heat away from the body making it a no-go. Polypro, or polypropylene, clothing is quick drying and moisture wicking. Popping on a pair of polypro shorts and a t-shirt will keep you warm and comfortable all day long.


A fleece is great to bring for those post rapid floats. Your guide can keep it safe and dry in their drybags until you are ready to put it on!

Rain Jacket

Rafting is the most fun outdoor activity you can do in the rain. We raft rain or shine here at Three Rivers. We do have splash tops available to rent for your river trip, but a rain jacket can work just as well and can help keep you dry back at base.


Teva’s, Chaco’s, a pair of old sneakers, anything with an ankle strap is permitted on our rafts (minus those nice heels). Flip flops and bare feet are NOT allowed on our rafting trips. If this is something you don’t own, we sell water shoes and Chaco’s at the Three Rivers Trading Post store.


Everyday Use

These next few items are essentials for adventures ranging from mild to wild!

Sun Protection

Its hard to escape the sun when you’re in a raft, duckie, or tube all day. Keep yourself protected from those harmful rays with some SPF! A hat and sunglasses are also highly recommended, however, make sure you have chum’s, you don’t want to sacrifice your sunglasses to the river.

Towel and Toiletries

Our bath houses are accessible 24/7 so you can use the restroom and shower whenever you need. Bringing along towels and your usual shower accessories is a great idea especially if you are staying at our campground, bunkhouses, or cabins.

Bug spray

It’s rafting season and the bugs know it. Bring your favorite bug spray and some citronella candles to keep your distance from the bugs.



If you are staying with us at our campground or one of our other lodging options, this is what you will need.

Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, a tent if your camping; all a must for staying a night at Three Rivers!


Bring a cooler and we’ll have the ice and drinks ready for you at the Three Rivers Trading Post store!


Comfort is key! Bringing a few camping chairs for you and your group makes for a great site set-up!



Pack all of this into your car, grab your crew, and get ready for seriously fun adventures!