What should I bring for my Overnight Rafting Trip?

We’ve got some incredible overnight rafting trips on the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers. By choosing an overnight trip, you get to experience the area in a lot more in-depth. Much more time for fun activities like surfing and exploring some of the riverside scenery. As well as being able to enjoy a night outdoors.

Campsite views

Kennebec and Penobscot have some differences. The Penobscot has some Class 5 rapids, so it is more challenging than the Kennebec and is only available for guests 14 and over. It has plenty of exciting rapids, great views of Mount Katahdin, and many opportunities for fun surfing. 

Rafters in front of Mount Katahdin on the Penobscot River

Class 5 Cribworks rapid on the Penobscot river

Celebrating at the bottom of “the Cribworks” on the Penobscot









The Kennebec has grade three and four rapids. This overnight trip starts with three miles of fun in an inflatable kayak where you will control yourself after some training from your guides. After stopping for lunch, you’ll be towed by a motorboat to your campsite for the night.

Inflatable kayak on the Kennebec overnight

Rafting down Big Momma rapid on the second day of Kennebec river overnight trip










On both the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers, dinner is prepared for you, and you can relax in a quiet and peaceful setting. With so little light pollution you could have some fantastic views of the stars if there are no clouds.

Barbeque dinner being prepared


The mornings are a great time to hear the call of Loons and hopefully see some Bald Eagle. You will have a hearty breakfast in the morning to give you energy for a day of adventure.

Bald Eagle


On the Kennebec trip, you will start your second day by rafting the section of the river below Harris station.

Fun on the Kennebec below Harris station


Beginning the second day at the natural playground of Nesowadnehunk falls on the Penobscot here. You’ll be able to spend some time enjoying the many features of the river. 

Nesowadnehunk falls on the second day of the Penobscot overnight trip

Packing list

Bathing Suit

A bathing suit is great to bring along no matter the weather. If it’s cold it can be comfortably worn under your wetsuit.

Sleeping bag

We provide tents and mattresses but you’ll want a sleeping bag to keep you cozy at night.


We provide drybags to keep your clothes dry, there are some limitations to space so please keep that in mind when packing. Be sure to bring something warm in case the evenings get a bit cold. Synthetic clothes are great for keeping warm even if they get wet. Avoid cotton for the clothes you want to wear on the river.

Personal Hygiene Items

Toiletries, suncream and bug spray.

Non-cotton clothing such as nylon, polypro, and other man made fabrics

Cotton loses its insulating properties when it gets wet and will actually make you cooler, it also stays wet longer than other fabrics.

2 pair of shoes (one for the water and one dry)

Sturdy shoes or sandals with straps will be needed for the river, we can rent out neoprene booties if needed. No flip-flops or crocs on the river please.

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated throughout your overnight trip.


As soon as the sun goes down, we have little light at our campsite. Having your own flashlight available will make moving around much easier.

Sun Screen

A good waterproof sunscreen will ensure that you don’t have your excellent rafting experience ruined by a painful sunburn. Remember to get your knees and upper thighs if you are wearing shorts, they will be exposed to the sun most of the day.

Insect Repellant

A good way to keep the woods of Maine enjoyable is to keep the bugs off of you.


Make sure that you can get dry and warm after a long day on the water

Rain Gear (tops & bottoms)

If it rains, you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you are able to stay dry.

Medications (epi pen, pills, inhaler, etc)

It’s really important that we can keep you safe and healthy on the river and campsite. Please bring your medications and be sure to tell your guides about any medical conditions.

Extra Set of Eyeglasses or Contacts

You’ll be wanting to be able to enjoy the experience even if the river claims your glasses or contacts.

Personal Backpack

A great way to keep all of your equipment organized

Watch with Alarm

We may have to get going at a certain time in the morning, set an alarm to make sure that you are ready for your delicious breakfast.

Cooler with drinks

If you would like to bring your own drinks along to enjoy after the day’s rafting. Please pack your own cooler and bring it along.


A deck of cards or a book to entertain yourself once the sun has gone down.


We hope that this list helps you have a comfortable and fun overnight rafting trip.