Wetsuit Rentals

Thinking of renting a wetsuit?

rafters carrying raft

We recommend a wetsuit rental to any and all rafters. The key to an amazing day on the river is being dry and comfortable while you’re out there. These specially designed suits will go a long way in keeping you dry and comfortable on the river.

Rafting on rainy days or during the early and late parts of the rafting season can get chilly. Wetsuits will pull the water away from your body and provide a layer of insulation.



(Items can be rented individually or bundled)

  • Wetsuit – Jacket = $5
  • Wetsuit – Sleeveless Coverall (Leggings) = $5
  • Wetsuit – Booties (Shoes) = $5
  • Full Wetsuit = $15
  • Splash Top = $10
  • Full Wetsuit + Splash Top = $20 

Remember that you need to bring water appropriate footwear. No flip flops allowed on the rafts! If needed, you can rent the Wetsuit Shoes (Booties) for the day for just $5.

For a full guide on what to wear while whitewater rafting see here!