Wetsuit Rentals

Wetsuit Rentals

Wetsuit Rentals

Think you’ll need a wetsuit to stay warm on the river but don’t own one yourself? We’ve got you covered!

Rafting on rainy days or during the early and late parts of the rafting season can be cold. To keep you warm and safe, we offer wetsuit rentals for people of all sizes (kids too!). We rent wet suits on a piece by piece basis for your convenience – so you can rent only what you need!

  • Wetsuit – Jacket = $5
  • Wetsuit – Sleeveless Coverall (Leggings) = $5
  • Wetsuit – Booties (Shoes) = $5
  • Full Wetsuit = $15
  • Splash Top = $10
  • Full Wetsuit with Splash Top = $20

Remember that you need to bring water appropriate footwear. No flip flops allowed on the rafts! If needed, you can rent the Wetsuit Shoes (Booties) for the day for just $5.

Wetsuit Rentals
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