Welcome To Tube Town!

Welcome to Tube Town!!
The Forks Maine Tubing Center

The Forks Maine TubingI know what you’re thinking, Tube Town?? Now that’s a place I want to go! Tube Town AKA The Forks, Maine is a small town home to big adventures! Most popularly known for the whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, The Forks has so much more to offer, like tubing!!

Not into whitewater rafting, but want to spend a day on the water?

Whitewater Rafting isn’t for everyone and that is OKAY! Tubing is a great way to get some time on the water in a much more relaxed way. Tubers get to enjoy the Lower Kennebec River, for clarification this is not the section of the river with rapids. This is a great section of the river to take in the natural beauty of the river and surrounding wilderness and if you’re lucky you may even get to see some classic Maine’s wildlife along the way. Plus rafters don’t get to bring adult beverages, but Tubers do!!

Looking for the perfect activity for your large group?

The Forks Maine TubingPlanning your next family get together, Bachelor(ette) Party, or even just a weekend adventure with friends? Tubing is a great activity for any large group, from kids (minimum age 5, must know how to swim) to adults, everyone can enjoy a peaceful and amusing tubing float down the lower Kennebec River! Pro Tip: Tie your tubes together so your entire party can stick together throughout your adventure.


The Forks, Maine AKA Tube Town is the best place for all your adventures, with a little something for everyone! Whether it be Whitewater Rafting, Tubing, Hiking, Fishing or anything in between, we have it all. For more information on tubing check out our other blogsTubing” & “What to bring Tubing”.