Sean MacCarthy

Sean MacCarthy

Sean MacCarthy

“Mac” or “The Disco Don”

Job Title:

Marketing Director


Level 2 Maine River Guide, SOLO Wilderness First Responder (WFR), ACA Swiftwater Rescue, PADI Divemaster

Originally from: 

Cohasset, MA

How long have you worked in the Outdoor Industry?

I got my start in the outdoor industry in 2014 when I started working for Three Rivers.

What is your origin story working for Three Rivers Whitewater?

My first “real job” was a door to door office supplies salesman. I hated that job so much. I wanted to try something new and fun which led me to look up “Adventure Marketing Internships“. I applied to Three Rivers and came up for what was supposed to be a 14 week program. I enjoyed the work so much that I decided to stay on full time. Eventually I became the Marketing Director and started managing the internship program. 

What do you love most about being a Maine River Guide?

Guiding people down New England’s best rivers is my favorite thing to do on earth. You get to meet people from all walks of life and each day is so different. I really enjoy taking people that have never been before because they have no idea how much fun they’re about to have. In many cases, their day on the river with us is the best day of their summer!

What is your favorite rapid to guide in Maine?

Big Pockwockamus on the Penobscot River. It’s a nice long Class IV rapid with some really nice hits. It’s the last rapid of the day and is such a great way to cap off the trip. It also has some incredible views of Mount Katahdin.  

What is your favorite hike in Maine? 

Mosquito Mountain! I have probably hiked Mosquito over 10 times and it never gets old. You can get up to the summit in less than an hour which makes it a quick hike to catch a sunrise or sunset. The 360 degree views at the top are spectacular and it’s just a short 15 minute drive from our base in The Forks.

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

If I’m not working, I am typically hiking. There are so many great peaks to explore in Maine. I wish more people booked 3 or 4 night stays so they could spend days checking out the hikes in The Forks Area or Baxter State Park.

Favorite experience on the river?

As the Marketing Director I have led some extensive video shoots on each river. In some cases we have had over $10,000 worth of video equipment (including multiple drones) on the river with us. There is a different level of intensity that goes along with these shoots. You need to move really quickly to get the shots while keeping up with the trip. Plus, you only have shot to capture the rafts going through each rapid. Check out our work on the Kennebec, Dead, and Penobscot videos and let us know what you think!

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