Route 201 Scenic Byway

Route 201 Scenic Byway

Have you explored Northern Maine?

Gently winding through trees, past lakes and along the Kennebec River, Route 201 provides some delightful scenery.

The plentiful rest stops and scenic overlooks not only provide beautiful lookout points, but also some insight into the history of the area. This makes a cruise up the 201 a great day trip.

Also known as Old Canada Road Route 201 starts in Brunswick Maine and works it’s way North for 157.46 Miles to the Armstrong-Jackman Border Crossing at Sandy Bay Township into Canada.


The best highway in Maine?

Route 201 starts to follow the Kennebec river from Gardiner to The Forks. Here at The Forks you’ll find the Adventure Capital of Maine. 

The Forks area is well known for its scenic beauty and adventurous activities such as rafting, tubing, inflatable kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, guided fishing trips, waterfall viewing, Snowmobiling in the Winter and great opportunities to see some of the local wildlife like Moose, White tailed deer and Bald Eagle.


Route 201 Scenic Byway

Moose on the side of Highway 201


A short way off the route it is possible to check out one of Maine’s tallest waterfalls; Moxie Falls. With a drive down some logging roads to Grand Falls, a spectacular waterfall standing 40 feet tall, and 100 feet wide.

Route 201 Scenic Byway

Moxie Falls

Route 201 Scenic Byway

Rafting Kennebec River










History of Route 201

The route follows ancient river routes used by the Abenaki people for trading. The Abenaki People were well known for their Birch-bark canoes that could be made from a single piece of White Birch tree bark. These canoes played an important part of transportation in an area with so many lakes and rivers.

Another historical interest piece is that Benedict Arnold led a grueling and unsuccessful expedition to attack Quebec in 1775 his party used Bateaux to navigate the Kennebec river, the challenges of the route left 200 men dead and 300 abandoned the mission. 


Route 201 Scenic Byway

Tablet marking the place where Benedict Arnold and his soldiers left the Kennebec river.


Where to stay along Route 201

We have a variety of accommodations available, due to our remote location, most travelers like to stay the night in The Forks for more time to enjoy the area and activities. The Forks Fun Resort has a wide variety of lodging options; from Inns, to cabins, to bunkhouses and campsites.

Route 201 Scenic Byway

Inn By The River

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Where to eat

Boatman’s Bar and Grill is open 7 days per week from 4pm to 1am during the height of our rafting season. During the early or late part of the season, we may have reduced hours so please check before arrival.

The Inn by the River, provides delicious, unique homemade food, accompanied by the friendliest service available anywhere. We prepare all our meals with the best ingredients and fresh herbs and vegetables, often grown onsite.

Route 201 Scenic Byway

Pizza at Boatman’s Bar and Grill

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