Reed Wells Allarie Lever


Job Title: 

 Level 2 Maine River Guide


Outdoor emergency care (OEC)

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Swiftwater Rescue

Originally from:

Farmington, Maine 

How long have you worked in the Outdoor Industry? 

I’ve been a Maine River Guide for 4 years and I work Ski Patrol in the winter. 

What is your origin story working for Three Rivers Whitewater?

I was walking out of the climbing gym at Orono, Maine Bound Climbing Gym and there was an outdoor career fair going on. There I met Sean MacCarthy, Three Rivers Marketing Director, he told about Three River’s and made it seem like such a fun place to work. When I heard “Home of Serious Fun” it was a pretty easy decision.  So in 2019 I passed Level 1 Guide Training and went straight to Level 2 training and then took my first Swiftwater rescue class, all back to back. 

What do you love most about being a Maine River Guide?

I love a Maine River Guide because I love being active and being on the water every day. As a guide I have access to some of the best whitewater in New England. I also like the aspect of guiding where you have more accountability and responsibility. It makes it feel more purposeful and fulfilling. 

What is your favorite rapid to guide in Maine?

My favorite rapid to guide would be The Crib Works because it’s really technical and it’s rewarding when you nail it. There is such a specific line to hit so it challenges you. 

What is your favorite hike in Maine? 

I’m a fan of The Bigelows. 

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

I enjoy Ping Pong, Whitewater Kayaking, Hanging with friends, and more Ping Pong.

Favorite experience on the river?

I really like watching the sunset from Salmon Point on a Penobscot Overnight Trip, with a group of guests that you have been on the river with all day.


Reed WellsReed Wells