The Man, The Beard, The Legend.

‘Willy’, ‘Wilson!’, ‘William Whose Primary Concern is With Making a Million’ or to all of us here at Three Rivers just ‘Will’, is a river guide, and one of our beloved guide trainers. Originally from Cedar Run, NJ, Will now lives in Greenwood, ME (when he’s not at Three Rivers of course!).

Will is a Level 1 and 2 Maine River Guide. He is also a Wilderness First Responder and a Swiftwater Rescuer. It’s good that he’s so qualified because Will can also often be found helping with maintenance and holding doors open for guests.

On being asked what the best thing about Three Rivers is, Will said that, “The people, the outdoors, the guests and the amazing times we have being outside together,” are all factors. Clearly Will didn’t understand that our question asked for the single best, not top four best, things about Three Rivers.

For Will, “Completing guide training, watching his sister complete guide training, seeing the new guides complete guide training and seeing guests return every summer to have more fun on our rivers,” are his favorite memories. In case you didn’t get it, Will likes guide training. In fact, he has this to say to anyone who wants to do it but still isn’t convinced, “It is worth every ounce of hard work, it is worth every penny spent.  It will open your eyes to a lifetime of adventure.  The Maine river guide family is an amazing group of people that gets stronger every year.”

When he’s not guiding at Three Rivers, Will has also been seen running rivers in Arizona, Colorado and Arkansas as well as playing Disc Golf, adventuring, impersonating Tenacious D at karaoke night, snowboarding and snowmaking at Sunday River in Maine. In other words, Will loves water, liquid or solid.

Next time you’re up at Three Rivers see if you can catch Will with his hat off. Some people say he keeps a small, furry animal up there, others say that if you get a glimpse of the top of his head you turn to stone.

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