Tyler Holt is a Mainer from way back. He was born in 1990 and grew up in the sleepy town of Camden. Tyler went to school at Camden Hills Regional before majoring in Life at The College of Fun. After graduating with honors at age 20, he continued his education by becoming a raft guide with Three Rivers – The Home of Serious Fun.

Wanting to see how fun was created and not just had, Tyler also started waiting, busing and bar-tending. Over the next few years he went on to expand his repertoire to include running overnight trips and video boating. It was during his time as a video boater that Tyler perfected one of his most well-known traits – the ability to scream “Goooooooooood Mooooooorning!” into a camera over the sound of a waterfall.

What is most remarkable about this trait is that Tyler was born with extra cushioning on his vocal cords. This makes him one of the most soft-spoken guys you’ll ever meet and means that shouting can sometimes prove difficult for him.

It is this quiet voice, his river-blue eyes, and voice like a song bird, that make Tyler one of the most desirable men in the state of Maine. These things and the fact that he is also a musical genius. You may recognize some of Tyler’s hit songs like Bunk Beds and Chicks Who Shred or I’d Go Through a Strainer for You.


Tyler’s education didn’t stop at college. As well as being a level 1 and 2 river guide, he is a Wilderness First Responder, Outdoor Emergency Carer, Swiftwater Rescuer, Technical Rope Rescuer, Open Water Lifeguard, NAUI Scuba Diver and Maine Recreation Guide. Tyler also spent time working and rafting in Costa Rica as well as going down the Colorado river in The Grand Canyon, the Yakagany river in Maryland and the Gauley river in West Virginia. When he can, Tyler enjoys surfing and like most of our guides, he spends his winters on the mountain skiing and working for ski patrol.
When asked to talk about Three Rivers Tyler said,

“I think one of my favorite memories is when I first completed my level 2 training. I had never felt so wild and alive! It was difficult and unyielding. During the training I ended up with two black eyes and a series of cuts on my fingers. When I returned to the forks to work in the bar that Friday night, Kim Christopher (one of the owners) asked me what had happened to me. I responded, “I am a Penobscot guide now!”

It may seem like Tyler has everything but that’s not true. He has no fear. Check out the video below if you don’t believe me.
white water rafting maineRafting

white water rafting maine

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