Mama Bear

Author’s Note: I’m very excited to be writing this blog because Kristin is actually my Mom! She is also everybody else’s Mom here at Three Rivers, so I guess that doesn’t make me too special.

Kristin (Mama Bear) is from Ipswich, MA. Before Kristin, the last famous thing to come out of Ipswich were witches so she is part of a great history.

Kristin got her guides license in 2001, the same year that Enron filed for bankruptcy and that Shrek was released. It’s funny because Kristin’s favorite failed energy company is Enron and her favorite animated ogre movie series is the Shrek series.


Before this blog gets too weird, let’s talk whitewater.

On how she got into rafting, Kristin told me, “I went rafting for the first time and decided that day that I was going to be a guide.  After 7 years of rafting as a guest I became a guide, quit my job, left MA and have been doing it ever since.”

By her own admission she loves, “Watching new rafters who are nervous at first realize how much fun rafting is and seeing them return year after year.” Kristin also loves, “Training new guides and watching them take their first guided run with guests.” That’s what gives her the biggest, “proud mama moment.”

As well as being a Level 1 and Level 2 Maine River Guide, Kristin is also a Wilderness First Responder. At Three Rivers, our Mama Bear also spends her days bartending, serving, driving shuttle and doing whatever else she can to help the team. i.e. she is a Jill of all trades.

When she isn’t at Three Rivers, you might be able find Kristin rafting out west, hiking, tubing, working at The Matterhorn at Sunday River or snowboarding. You may also catch Kristin at her, and every child’s, favorite place on earth – Disneyworld.

When this author made the mistake of asking what she thought of working in a male dominated industry Kristin replied, 

“Male dominated?  Not sure that is the case… there seem to be more and more lady guides around who are really good at what they do.”

After reading this you may be thinking that Kristin is just another, raft guiding, ogre movie loving, Ipswich mother to around 100 raft guides, but you’re wrong. As she so eloquently says herself, “I’m Kristin – that makes me different.”

To convince you of this Kristin told me her pre-run ritual is to, “dunk my paddle in the water, splash water on my face, and fling a little water at Harris Station.”

Next time you’re up in the Forks and you want to meet Kristin, head to the Boatman’s Bar and Grill. If she’s not there running around, making people smile, then shout “Mom” and I promise you she’ll be there before you can ask “Is this a left or a right-handed paddle?”

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