Kim. It rhymes with him, grim, Slim Jim and Tim. Unfortunately, none of these words tell Kim’s story, but all the words that follow do. Kim wasn’t always the Kim that we know and love, she was actually born named ‘Kimberly’.
Kim does a lot, but she says her primary responsibility at Three Rivers is, “guest service followed by office administration and systems,” adding, “I am proud to be a whitewater guide, server, bartender, caterer and teammate.” Kim also holds a unique certification that nobody else in The Forks does, she is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.
She grew up in Sherman Mills, Maine, a small town that exists. After growing up for some time, Kim moved to Rhode Island where she studied accounting and management at Bryant University – yup, really gnarly raft guide stuff. Kim then lived her life for a little while. She worked on cruise ships and at Walt Disney World where she gained her passion for guest service. After finishing up, Kim made the obvious decision to own a rafting company. Together with Joe Christopher, and many other teammates, she helped to build what we call Three Rivers Whitewater today.
“One of my favorite moments was in my guide training class when there was a moose in the eddy and then he was swimming after we had done flip boat training.  An experience I will never forget.” Like most people who are alive, Kim has lived, and if there’s one thing you should take away from this blog it is not that fact.
When she’s not rafting, or advising books quickly, Kim enjoys, “running, biking, hiking, winter hiking, skiing and anything active.” That’s not the only thing Kim enjoys. Talking about her time at Three Rivers Kim said, “I have met so many wonderful guests and I have gained so many new friends. I have many memories of playing ping pong with guests and having them show back up years later to challenge me again!”
It is this one: Kim cares. You’ll never catch her “off” and she works tirelessly to make sure her guests are having an awesome time. When asked about any quirk she might have, Kim had this to say, “Oh, I take care of my guests from the moment I meet them in the morning until they pull out of the driveway, I probably adjust their life jackets more than necessary, but I am a stickler for the details.”
You’ve read about Kim, but you can also hear from her too. Watch this video that MaineLife Media made about Women in Whitewater featuring Kim and some of the other lovely Three Rivers Women!
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