Bob the Builder of Serious Fun.

Bob Bergeron Jr, also known as “Bob Burgers-On the Grill After a River Trip Jr” or just “Bobby”, is our river manager here at Three Rivers. Bobby is a long-time river guide and started his Three Rivers career as an intern 8 years ago. Fancy that, now an intern is writing about him.

Bobby is from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, a town with 350 times as many people as The Forks, Maine (12,000 vs 35). This meant that when Bobby first arrived here, he had to adjust to life quickly.


“After experiencing the absolute madness of downtown Windsor Locks the Forks was like a whole ‘nother planet.”

Bobby has coped with this change by working for the marketing team, as a bartender, a server and in maintenance. Bob is also a Maine Recreation Guide, an Advanced Emergency First Responder and has a P.A.D.I. Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification. Outside of rafting he enjoys hiking, swimming, snowboarding, kayaking and camping. In the offseason, he is the Front of House Manager at The Shipyard Brew Haus at Sugarloaf.

As you can tell, Bob has put his fingers into many pies.

But Bobby loves to share the pie too. “The best thing about working at Three Rivers is the family that I get to work with. My co-workers have truly become my family and I love being able to do awesome things in and out of the workplace with them.”

“One of my favorite memories at Three Rivers was the first time that I was able to take my family down the river. Being from Connecticut, it is about a 6-hour drive and my whole family came up. I was able to take them on the river and show them why I have yet to return to Connecticut. Needless to say, they had an amazing time and completely understand why I live “way up in the woods of Maine!””

Bobby is also one of our beloved guide trainers. To anyone considering the course he, “would tell them that it was one of the most difficult things that I have done in my life and it was completely worth it! The personal growth that the training program facilitated was amazing and I would not be the professional that I am today if it was not for that training program.”

All of this information is great but what Bob is perhaps best known for is his rousing safety speech. Even though he does it most mornings, he always seems to forget that we aren’t going skydiving and has to be reminded that we are rafting.

If you’re looking for Bobby around Three Rivers, and you’re still unsure who he is, just look for the painted toe nails. Apparently it’s a “thing” raft guides do…

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