Maine Whitewater Guide Training

On Tuesday, May 22nd, myself and 10 teammates graduated training and became Licensed Maine Whitewater Guides.

Maine River Guide Training at Three Rivers Whitewater is some of the most rigorous, intensive, and in-depth training available in Maine. At Three Rivers, we like to say that training does not teach you be a raft guide, but rather a river guide. A raft guide knows a river and can navigate through it. A river guide is knowledgeable and capable to read nearly any river, preform emergency rescue, and navigate waters both known and unknown. The goal of every Three Rivers guide is to create a fun, adventurous, and approachable atmosphere while maintaining structure and safety. Those who graduate guide training at Three Rivers emerge confident, capable, and humble.

Team building and brotherhood are the foundations of training. Those that participate in guide training come from all different walks of life and yet are unified under the shared goal of becoming a river guide in Maine. It is a level playing field during training. Some outperform other physical while others excel in quick thinking and maintaining composure under pressure. Only as a team does the training class work together to overcome personal shortfalls and elevate each other to a level otherwise impossible to achieve alone.
Through the many ups and downs, guides always learn to stay humble. Guides rely on one another on and off the river. When a guide becomes cocky or complacent, mistakes are much more likely to be made. A humble guide respects the river and treats every run with the upmost mindfulness. The safety and enjoyment of guests is paramount at The Home of Serious Fun.

For 8 days, guides will preform over 20 runs, become comfortable swimming class 4 whitewater, execute emergency rescue maneuvers, and learn the value of teamwork and thoughtfulness.  Three Rivers doesn’t train to be raft guides. We train to be the most versatile, adaptive, and knowledgeable river guides in Maine.

Though we have the license, training is far from over. 
We work every day to become better, smarter, & stronger.

Maine Whitewater Guide Training
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