The Three Rivers crew has explored many different areas in the state. These range from mountains, rivers, even to haunted sites in Maine. From our experiences here is the single most haunted area by each of our rafting bases. Each has it’s own story that can be quite creepy. The closest of these to our bases was a reporting of seeing The White Lady only 3 mins away from our Millinocket base at Dead Man’s Corner. This article will shed some light on each of these pieces of local folklore.

The White Lady – Millinocket, ME

If you ever spend time in the town of Millinocket, ME; you’ll likely hear locals tell mysterious stories of a woman who roams around on Route 11. Most reports have come from the section of the Brownville Road (Route 11) just outside of town; right by the green bridge that spans over the West Branch of the Penobscot River. Eyewitness accounts describe a woman in a white wedding dress. The story is so prevalent, in 2005 a short film The White Lady: The Legend of Nancy Sutherland was even created depicting the story.

A Millinocket Classic

The story behind these weird appearances dates to the late 1940’s. Late at night a newlywed couple was driving back after their wedding to the camp they had on the outskirts of town. They were both intoxicated after celebrating at their wedding for  the whole evening. The husband was the one driving, and drove the car off the road down an embankment. The accident happened on the old stretch of the Brownville Road that is no longer used. After the crash the couple was alright, but the husband went to go get help on the road. By the time he got back to the car wreck, his wife had disappeared. No physical signs of her have ever been able to be found. Locals say an old car wreck can be found on that same stretch of road, and many say that it is the same car from the couple.

Now to this day, her spirit can be found wandering around the area looking for her husband. Most commonly people see her on or near the green bridge. Groups that have gone to the bridge to find her, with no luck. Then when they’ve gotten back in the car there were hand prints all over the windshield. The most significant encounters have been of people driving over the bridge to have the White Lady appear in their car. People have even had conversations with her for a few minutes. Some accounts mention her staying in the car all the way into town, only to disappear once again…..

Strand Cinema – Skowhegan, ME

40 minutes south of our base in West Forks, ME. There is a story of a building which has had countless paranormal encounters going back almost 4 decades. The building in question is the Strand Cinema Theater in Skowhegan, which was constructed in 1929. As a result, the building has a historical feel and appearance. Although the theater is almost 90 years old, significant paranormal instances didn’t begin until the late 1970’s. Plans for an apartment to the building had been approved.  Yet once construction began the crews began to record quite disturbing occurrences.

The spirits who inhabit the theater are said to be angry and unpleasant. As the construction of the apartment started there were multiple eerie encounters. Tools that were neatly stored and not plugged in would be moved and or thrown about. Freshly painted walls would be stained minutes after painting was done. Shortly after it was completed a woman moved into the apartment. Later  on she passed away in the space. Her spirit is said to be one of the many that roam the corridors of the Strand. Even some paintings in the building seem to have eyes that follow you as you walk down the corridors.

Scary Stories of Skowhegan

In present day the theater is still active and open to the public. Employees have mentioned multiple mysterious encounters. One of the creepier of these was of an employee who went down into the basement to retrieve ice. Just before she got back up to the top of the stairs she froze still in her steps. According to her she felt as though her entire body was paralyzed. Once she could move again, a marker flew off the wall and across the room. Later, she told mentioned the encounter to her co-workers, who said that she seemed terrified. Only a couple days later she quit, and has yet to come back into the building since. Strand Cinema is open 7 days a week. Feel free to stop on by, and see if you can experience these spirits yourself. If you dare…..

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