It’s so easy to get sucked into work, school, and other not so fun stuff today. The internet is great and all, but it means we are accessible at all hours. Bad news fills the front pages, and it’s nearly impossible to empty an inbox. Sometimes we’ve just gotta disconnect in order to connect with the ones we love. There’s no better way to bring a family together than put our phones down for a few hours and get outside. The outdoors brings out the best in all of us. People are much happier when they get some fresh air and move around. According to Science Daily, people close to nature live longer, healthier lives, and who wouldn’t want that?

Sure, FOMO (fear of missing out) is a legitimate fear and scrolling Instagram and Facebook’s endless feeds only adds to it, but it’s impossible to have FOMO when you’re the ones out doing cool stuff! Whooping and hollering after a huge hit on the Penobscot beats another email sent every single time. Listening to the rush of the Kennebec will always be more soothing (but simultaneously more thrilling!) than your favorite podcast. Seeing the smiles on the faces and excitement in the eyes of your family as they have the time of their lives on the Dead River clearly edges out a Netflix binge.

Many of us here at Three Rivers Whitewater love Maine winters and all the snow that comes with them. May is coming, though, and the rivers will soon be running quick and high with all that snowmelt. We hope you and your family are just as pumped as we are for the upcoming season!

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white water rafting maine

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