Located several miles south of the rural, almost-border town of Jackman, Coburn Mountain stands as one of the most eminent and recognized mountains in New England.  The peak towers over an expanse of rolling alpine timber.  The south facing slope of Coburn Mountain is home to the ruins of Enchanted Mountain Ski Area.  The Ill-Fated ski resort, which consisted of 7 runs, a double lift, a T-bar, & a surface lift to the bunny hill, operated from 1966 to 1974.

The area between The Forks and Jackman has often been referred to as the Switzerland of Maine.  This is largely due to the stretches of isolated alpine slopes with beautiful views and heavy snowfall.  With the ideal geography and Enchanted Mountain being the only operational ski hill in the area, it should have been destined for success.

Though the vertical drop was somewhere between 800 & 1200 feet, Enchanted Mountain brochures exaggerated this to heights as much as 1800 feet.  Long term plans included three more trails, a tramway, and six double chairlifts, covering close to a projected 14,000 acres. However, financial strains prevented the expansion from ever happening.

- Steve Bragg

A friend I grew up with had a camp at the bottom of the entrance to Enchanted, on Markham Pond. We watch them building the ski area. In the early 70’s we went up skiing during winter break. One day the winds were so high that they wouldn’t open the chair of us and they finally opened the place up to us 3. It was awesome! We had the place to our-selfs because no one else was stupid enough to be out there skiing. It was a great place to go skiing because there was always plenty of snow and you never had to wait to get on a lift. It was so windy, the chairs were banging against the masts as they went by. The temperature was in the single digits.
Its high winds, frigid weather, and isolated location proved too much for the struggling business.  Enchanted Ski Area was auctioned off in 1969 and reopened by a new owner in 1970.  The area attempted to draw in business with unique offerings such as night-time snowshoe tours and free lodging for those who would bring their own sleeping bag.
Over time, the ski area succumbed to financial ruin.  Since its demise, lifts and buildings have been taken down.  The scar of the resort becomes harder to notice every year as nature takes back the southern slope.
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