Overnight Rafting Trips

Both our Kennebec River Overnight Trip and Penobscot River Overnight Trip are two days of adventure and include meals cooked by your guides and tents for camping. We try to take care of as much as possible so you don’t have to worry! All you need to bring with you is a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, and any personal items you may require for the duration of the trip. 


Why go on an overnight trip?

Even though our one-day Kennebec and Penobscot whitewater rafting trips are our most popular options, there are so many great reasons to come on our overnight trips.

    • Once in a lifetime experiences: Rafting through this pristine wilderness is something all should experience, and camping is even better! Watch the sun set as dinner cooks over a fire and you recount your amazing day on the river, knowing you get to wake up and do it all again the next morning!
    • Two is greater than one right?: You’ll spend two days on the water on both of our overnight trips. Everyone knows two days on the water is better than one!
    • Unplug: On both of our overnight trips, you will camp at remote sites, far away from the stress of your day-to-day life. 
    • Plan your trip hassle-free: We take care of the meals and most of the equipment you’ll need on your trip. There’s no need to worry about forgetting something important or home or trying to coordinate lodging options with your group. 


Kennebec River Overnight Trip

Our Kennebec River Overnight Trip runs out of our base at The Forks Fun Resort. After checking in, we’ll drive out to the East Outlet, which connects Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond – the source of the Kennebec River.

On the first day, you’ll take inflatable kayaks down the East Outlet through Class I, II, and III rapids. Not to worry though – your guides will Kennebec River Overnight Tripshow you the way first! After the rapids, we stop for lunch before heading to our campsite right on Indian Pond, which is so remote it is only accessible by boat! At the campsite, you have the afternoon to hang out and relax. At night, be sure to look up because with almost zero light pollution, you’ll enjoy a view of the stars most people never experience.

On the second day, you’ll raft the Kennebec River alongside our Kennebec River one-day whitewater rafting trip. Get ready to hit some big Class IV rapids like Big Mama, The Alleyway, and Magic Falls!


Penobscot River Overnight Trip

The Penobscot River Overnight Trip is perfect for Class V thrill seekers looking for a little extra time on one of the most adventurous rivers in the country. Plus, you’ll enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the North Woods that surround the Penobscot River.

Penobscot River Overnight TripThis trip runs out of Penobscot Outpost in Millinocket, ME and we raft the same section of river as the Penobscot River one day trip, but take our time to fully enjoy what the river has to offer. During the first day, you’ll watch some rafts navigate class V rapids before trying it out for yourself. After a stop for lunch, we get back on the river to surf and play at the Amberjacks. After that, we head to our campsite right on the water at Salmon Point. You’ll have the afternoon to relax or explore the area – perhaps look for a moose or other wildlife – before your guides prepare dinner. 

The second day begins with more rafting at our “whitewater playground” – Nesowadnehunk Falls. You’ll float down after that with amazing views of Mt. Katahdin before encountering the last three rapids of the day, Abol Rapid, Little Pockwockamus Rapid, and Big Pockwockamus Rapid.


Ready to join us?

These trips are truly unforgettable. If you want an experience you won’t be able to stop telling your friends about, or if you’ve joined us before for a rafting trip and are looking for a new adventure, consider booking an Overnight Rafting Trip!