Maine Whitewater Rafting Lodging

– The Forks, Maine // Millinocket, Maine – 

Choose Your Maine Whitewater Rafting Lodging Destination

“The Home of Serious Fun” has 2 Maine Whitewater Rafting Lodging locations: the Forks Fun Resort in The Forks, ME and the Penobscot Outpost in Millinocket, ME. At each location, we have all that you’ll need for the perfect Maine vacation. 

Please note that we run different trips out of each location. If you want to make sure that you’re booking the right kind of lodging for the trip you’re looking for, please call 207-663-2104 to speak with one of our Fun Specialists.  

Due to our remote location, most of our rafters stay the night with us before and after their Maine white water rafting trip. Both the Forks Fun Resort and Penobscot Outposts have a wide variety of lodging options; from Inns, to cabins, to bunkhouses, to campsites and more! Click here to find the best place to stay for you and your crew!

Maine Whitewater Rafting Lodging

Kennebec River Outpost

A lively rafting town in a breathtaking wilderness setting – Great for both beginners and experienced rafters alike.  Are you looing at a Dead River Trip, High Water Trip, or anything on the Kennebec?  THIS IS WHERE YOU GO!
Maine Whitewater Rafting Lodging

PENOBSCOT River Outpost

A secluded wilderness retreat with stunning views, narrow gorges, action-packed rapids, in the shadow of Mount Katahdin. A true Class V Experience by anyone’s standards. Are you Skydiving or exploring the Penobscot?  THIS IS WHERE YOU GO!