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Hometown: Ipswich MA

Certifications: Registered Maine Whitewater Guide, Registered Maine Recreation Guide, Wilderness First Responder

Years as a whitewater guide? 17 years

Rivers run? Kennebec, Dead, Penobscot, Seboomook, Colorado, Green

Stranded on a desert island and only have one food request:  Pizza

When and how did you get into guiding? I went rafting for the first time and decided that day that I was going to be a guide.  After 7 years of rafting as a guest I became a guide, quit my job, left MA and have been doing it ever since.

What was your drive or motivating factor to push you through training? Motivation to not give up.  If I put my mind to something I need to finish it fully.

How do you feel in a male dominated field? Male dominated?  Not sure that is the case… there seem to be more and more lady guides around who are really good at what they do.

What’s your favorite part of guiding? Taking new guests.  Being a part of their first time, watching the joy they get from something that is new to them.

What’s your favorite part of the river? My favorite part of being on the river is being outside, enjoying something I love with others.

Any advice for anyone else trying to become a guide? Never give up on your dreams.  Becoming a guide is tough but well worth the challenge.  You’ll be happy you did it!

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white water rafting maine

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