Kennebec River Trips

The Kennebec River is perfect for both first-time rafters and long-time adrenaline junkies, the Kennebec River will provide you with a day (or two!) of Serious Fun no matter which trip you choose.

We operate several trips on the Kennebec River out of our base at The Forks Fun Resort in The Forks, ME. As you’re deciding on the trip that’s right for you and your crew, we recommend reading our full trip descriptions written by the guides themselves on our website, but here is a quick rundown of the trip options we offer.


Kennebec One Day Rafting TripKennebec One Day Rafting Trip

The Kennebec River is the most popular Maine rafting trip – and for a good reason! Since our whitewater is generated by scheduled dam releases from the Harris Station Dam, we have guaranteed whitewater from May through October at a flow of 5,000 cubic feet per second (CFS). The Kennebec River offers exciting class IV rapids, and you’d be hard pressed to find on another river anywhere near Maine that runs at such a high level consistently.

After putting on the water right below Harris Station Dam, Maine’s largest hydroelectric station, you’ll hit some class II rapids to warm up before conquering two HUGE class IV rapids, Big Mama and The Alleyway. This first stretch of the river is extremely narrow through the gorge – about 50 feet across – constricting the huge volume water to create some big waves.

The river then takes a sharp turn through Z-Turn Rapid before the biggest class IV hit of the day, Magic Falls Rapid. At Magic Falls, you’ll crash through some big hits (stoke levels should be elevated for sure!) After that, a few class II and class III rapids follow, including one you can get out of the raft and swim in. For the last hour or so of the trip, you’ll float back to town on mostly calm water, with plenty of spots to swim again and opportunities to spot bald eagles.

The shuttle back to base from the take out is only 3 minutes, and a big lunch will be waiting for you – just what you need after a long, exciting day on the river! 

This trip is great for anyone, whether you have never been rafting before or have been rafting dozens of times. 


Kennebec Huge Water Rafting TripKennebec Huge Water Rafting Trip

Four times a year, the power company that operates Harris Station Dam gives the whitewater lovers of The Forks a gift: HUGE WATER! The power company tests the power turbines and opens them all the way, releasing 8,600 CFS – nearly twice the normal flow! This extra water means we get to hit features we usually avoid at normal flow, such as Maytag, a massive wave in the middle of Magic Falls Rapid. We also include a Lobster Bake on your return to base to celebrate this truly special occasion.

This trip is perfect for thrill seekers looking for a little extra stoke. If you’ve been on the Kennebec at the normal water level, you definitely need to come back for a huge water trip!


Kennebec Overnight TripKennebec Overnight Trip

The Kennebec Overnight Trip is a two-day, all-inclusive experience for those who are looking to truly unplug. If you’re looking to leave the distractions and worries behind, the Kennebec Overnight Trip is for you. 

On your first day, we’ll drive out to the East Outlet, which connects Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond (the water source created by Harris Station Dam). The first day is spent kayaking down the East Outlet in an inflatable kayak, and your guides will help you navigate through the class I, II, and III rapids. After a riverside lunch, you will navigate to our remote campsite, which is accessible only by boat. From there w take care of everything for the night – tents, food, and even entertainment! And we can guarantee you won’t be missing your phone or any “real world” obligations for one minute. On the second day, you’ll join up with the Kennebec One Day Rafting Trip and raft the Kennebec River. 

All meals and tents are included for this trip. Join us, and let us guide you on a truly special trip through Maine’s north woods! 


Lower Kennebec Inflatable Kayak TripLower Kennebec Inflatable Kayak Trip

On our Lower Kennebec Inflatable Kayak Trip, you’ll get your own inflatable kayak and be able to choose your own adventure. We start the trip downstream of the upper Kennebec gorge (where the class IV rapids are) and soon will enter class III Black Brook Rapid, which a guide will help you navigate. With lots of waves to hit and holes to surf, you will definitely have an exciting day of Serious Fun. After floating down the rest of the lower river, we make a stop at Moxie Falls – Maine’s largest waterfall – on the way back to town. 

If you’re looking for more time on the river, this trip works well as an additional activity the day before or after your rafting trip


Lower Kennebec Float Trip

If you aren’t looking for the adrenaline of all the whitewater thrills (which is totally fine – it’s not for everyone!), then a Lower Kennebec Float Trip would be perfect for you. We start the trip in The Forks and enjoy a relaxing float down to Wyman Lake. We often encounter wildlife like bald eagles, and in the fall, the foliage on the side is more than Instagramable.


After your trip

The Kennebec River trip is over, now what? There is still so much to do in The Forks area!

Hungry? Join us for a meal and a drink at Boatman’s Bar and Grill in The Forks Fun Resort. Friday is karaoke night and Saturdays we offer live music! (NOTE: In 2020, we are not having karaoke or live music due to COVID-19 guidelines). We also have HUGE bonfires at Boatman’s every night!

Just a few miles up the road, Inn by the River offers a finer dining experience with amazing riverside views.

We also offer Tube Rentals from Inn by the River – a great way to spend the afternoon! Rent one for your cooler, too, and you’ll be all set for the day as you float down the Kennebec River through The Forks!

Moxie Falls is Maine’s largest waterfall and is just a 10 minute drive from The Forks Fun Resort. Book a Waterfall Excursion with a guide, or check it out for yourself! We also offer Guided Wilderness Hikes in The Forks area, if you’re looking for a dry-land activity after some fun on the river.


Ready to join us?

If you have any questions about our Kennebec River trips, our team of Fun Specialists is ready to give you the information you need. Give us a call at 207-663-2104 and we’ll get you set up with some Serious Fun!