Jimmy Doria


Job Title: Jimmy Doria

Three Rivers Owner



Level 1 Guide License

Level 2 Guide License

Swift Water Rescue

Wilderness First Responder

Dive Master

Originally from:

South Portland, Maine

How long have you worked in the Outdoor Industry? 

Over a decade!

What is your origin story working for Three Rivers Whitewater?

“In the 6th grade, I attended a D.A.R.E program where a competition was held requiring students to write an essay pledging their absence from using drugs and violence. The winner of the competition would go on a whitewater rafting trip with the other winners. After I won the contest and experienced whitewater rafting I was hooked!”

Shortly after, Jimmy organized an annual rafting trip with his Boy Scout Troop 23 with Three Rivers Whitewater. From there, Jimmy went for his Level 1 rafting certification and became not only a fan-favorite Guide but an integral part of the Three Rivers family.

What do you love most about being a Maine River Guide?

Taking people out of their comfort zone and showing them a great experience in Maine’s wilderness.

What is your favorite rapid to guide in Maine?

On the Penobscot River, the rapid Big Ambejackmockamus provides a great opportunity for some perfect surfing, I always enjoy surfing my crew in the 3rd drop. Big waves, safe swimming, all smiles.

What is your favorite hike in Maine? 

“I prefer not to walk up hills.”

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

I sing karaoke at The Boatman’s Bar & Grill. When I’m not on the river I love to scuba dive. In the winter months, I like to do ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Favorite experience on the river?

“Surfing Little Hole at the Falls, I had a guest sitting upfront where the water pours into the front of the raft. I heard the guest was screaming with excitement, but when the water would splash him, all I could hear at the back of the boat was muffled yelling I could hear him whooping between waves, at the time it was really funny. You just had to have been there.”