How To Spend Summer In The Forks, Maine

Spending your summer in Maine is a great way to experience the outdoors and take a break from a busy work schedule. The Forks, Maine, located in the Northwest section of the state, is especially beautiful in the summer! 

The Forks has so much to offer during the warmer months. Between whitewater rafting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more, there is tons of fun to be had!


One of the most popular activities to do in The Forks is whitewater rafting! This summertime activity attracts the masses to the Kennebec River, where a town that is typically populated by 36 people quickly turns into a popular destination for rafters. The Kennebec and Dead Class IV Rivers offer some amazing whitewater and serious fun to those who decide to take on the adventure! Rafting either of these rivers can be a great family adventure or getaway for friends, especially bachelor(ette) groups! After-all, nothing bonds a group quite like Class IV whitewater. 

On a hot summer day, not many things can beat taking a swim in the river. The Kennebec offers a Class II rapid called Swimmers Rapid where you can get out and swim! This section of the river feels super refreshing after rafting the Upper Kennebec Gorge. Floating through the waves and beautiful scenery while laughing with friends is what summer should be all about!


Overnight Trips

Our Overnight Trips are a great time and offer an amazing way to experience the Kennebec River. These trips start in the East Outlet of Moosehead Lake where you take inflatable kayaks through small rapids all the way to Indian Pond. This section of the trip is super fun and provides an opportunity to chase your own adventure as you have full control of which waves you hit! After an exciting day on the East Outlet, our campsite on Indian Pond has an amazing view of sunset and the stars! We also prepare dinner and a campfire here while enjoying the night together.

After camping out for the night, the morning begins with a nice breakfast before packing up and heading out to the Kennebec River! Here the Class IV adventure truly begins. Once on the river you will get to raft through Class IV rapids such as “Big Mama”! These rapids are truly an amazing time and are a great way to experience nature in The Forks.



Camping in The Forks, is another great way to enjoy nature! Some might prefer to camp out in the woods near the Kennebec River at a campsite while others might prefer a bunk house. We have a wide array of options from bunk houses to cabins and campsites at Three Rivers! Camping is a great option for those who are rafting or tubing and have a longer drive home. Staying the night is a great chance to get food at Boatman’s Bar & Grill or Inn By The River! Especially for special nights such as Karaoke or Taco Tuesday!


If Class IV River rafting doesn’t appeal to you, a nice relaxing float down the calmer waters of the lower Kennebec might sound more alluring! Tubing is a self guided activity so it is just you, your tube, and your friends enjoying the view and having a great time on the river! After a quick safety speech you can put your tube in the water for the enjoyable two to three hour float! 

The beautiful riverside offers the possibility to see wildlife such as bald eagles. It is also a great idea to rent an extra tube for a cooler or snacks for your float! 



There are plenty of great hiking spots located near The Forks, Maine! From the Bigelow Mountains to short hikes like Moxie Falls there is something for everyone. Moxie Falls Trail is a short drive from the Three Rivers base and is a relatively flat out and back trail. With a 90 foot waterfall at the end and swimming holes, this trail is great for families! It is a nice relaxing walk, but still has gorgeous views to offer.

There are also plenty of more challenging trails for more advanced hikers! Moxie Mountain Trail South is a hard but dog friendly trail with amazing summit views! This out and back trail has a relatively steep ascent over its almost three mile course. This trail is considered hard on the AllTrails app but is totally worth the trip! Even more challenging trails can be found in the Bigelow Preserve which is just about an hour away!



From moose to eagles there are many chances to see wildlife here in The Forks! Sometimes while rafting the Kennebec River, eagles can be seen flying above or sitting in trees on the river bank. These majestic birds also typically hang around a place called eagles corner on the river and spend time fishing there!

Many moose and deer can also be found while driving near dusk or dawn. Be sure to check out our “How To Spot A Moose” Blog if you want a better chance of spotting one! They often hang out around swamps, even the one just before Three Rivers Whitewater when traveling North on US-201.