Hike The Moxie Falls Trail


The Forks, Maine



1.7 miles roundtrip

The Most “Must-Do” Hike The Moxie Falls Trail in The Forks, Maine

Hike The Moxie Falls TrailIf you are looking for a hike you won’t soon forget, Hike The Moxie Falls Trail, absolutely beautiful in all seasons. If you have time for only one hike while visiting the Forks, it should be Moxie Falls. Moxie Falls is a fairly quick hike with the most rewarding views of Maine’s tallest single drop waterfall; Over 9 stories (90 feet) of falling water!

Moxie Falls is very easy to find, the trail begins about 2.3 miles up Moxie Pond Rd. There is a clear parking lot on the left hand side with a trailhead sign. Being a simple out and back trail, it is inherently very difficult to get lost here as long as you stay on the trail! In total, the hike into Moxie Falls is a little under 2 miles. The beginning of the path is very flat and there are a few footbridges crossing over some wetland. About halfway through you will see another sign with “Moxie Falls” and an access road that crosses the path. Continue straight. The path will start to descend at which point the sound of the roaring falls becomes apparent. Soon you will find yourself at a staircase going down. From this point there are several wooden platforms with clear views of the cascades upriver and just around corner is the grandeur of the tallest waterfall in Maine!

Hike The Moxie Falls TrailGreat spot for swimming! Hike The Moxie Falls Trail to a local hotspot among those looking to cool off. Just before the waterfall, there is a path veering right down to a collection pool at the top of the falls.

For those seeking next level adventure: Around the corner from the platforms opposite the falls there is a “path” that leads straight down the side of the cliff. *Use caution* because this side trail is a fairly steep, but will lead you to somewhere out of a fairy tale. Traversing along the cliff water at the bottom you can climb your way to the base of the waterfall. There are several small pools to swim in and if the water is high enough there are a few rocks you can cannonball off of.

Moxie Falls Trailhead and Parking Map

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