Haley Pavano

Haley Pavano

Haley Pavano

Job Title: 

River Guide

Bartender at Boatman’s Bar & Grill


Level 2 River Guide

Wilderness First Aid

Originally from:

Farmington, Connecticut

How long have you worked in the Outdoor Industry? 

I have worked in the Outdoor Industry since 2016 when I was involved with a wildlife sanctuary and research facility. I began my outdoor journey here and continued it on the Ottawa River in Canada where I first started guiding. I had originally met a Canadian Guide while working in Hawaii who introduced me to guiding and the Ottawa River. 

What is your origin story working for Three Rivers Whitewater?

I came to Three Rivers because when Covid hit in 2020 I couldn’t travel back to Canada anymore. I began to ask a friend about whitewater companies and heard Three Rivers had the most challenging training course. I wanted to really challenge myself, I also liked that Three Rivers runs all three rivers: The Kennebec, The Dead, and The Penobscot. This meant I could train to get my Level 2 Guides License too!  

What do you love most about being a Maine River Guide?

I love being a Maine River Guide because it gives me the opportunity to see and run diverse rivers. I also love being able to bring people into an environment they wouldn’t be able to see on their own. It’s super cool to see people gain a greater appreciation of nature and encourage them to preserve it!

What is your favorite rapid to guide in Maine?

My favorite rapid to guide is Nesowadnehunk Falls on The Penobscot River. I love this rapid because of your ability to hit it over and over again! Lifting up you boat and going down a second or third time is so much fun! This rapid is especially cool because of the hit itself but also the nearby surfing!

What is your favorite hike in Maine? 

My favorite hike as of right now is Moxie Falls! This hike is a quick drive from Three Rivers Whitewater and only a 10-15 walk into the waterfall. Moxie Falls offers some incredible views all year round. The 90 foot waterfall looks just as stunning in the rain, shine, snow or leaves! I love this hike but I can’t wait to keep exploring the area too!

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

When not working I enjoy reading, hiking, black and white film photography, snowboarding, and playing on The Kennebec River at 8,000 CFS with my friends!

Favorite experience on the river?

My favorite experience on the river was on The Kennebec last fall. Another guide and I took only the floor of a raft down the river on a Huge Water day. It was glorified swimming but we had so much fun and experienced the river in a totally different way! 


Haley Pavano Haley Pavano