On The Most Continuous Whitewater in the Northeast

On a river not so far away…a celestial alignment will occur to bring together Star Wars Day (May the 4th) and FIRST BLAST!

The Rebel Alliance is convening in The Forks, ME for our first trip of the 2024 rafting season. We are recruiting the bravest paddlers in the Galaxy to join us on the Dead River that day.

Join our mission to bring balance to the Force by signing up to attack powerful Class IV rapids like Hayden’s Landing, Mile Long, and the infamous Poplar Falls.

The Dark Side has conjured up an unimaginable force of evil. Cell phones zap away our attention and stoke levels, causing an imbalance in The Force across the Galaxy.

After a relentless winter spent scrolling the internet indoors, we’re launching a counter attack – a season-long campaign on the Dead River to combat the stoke level deficiency.

We need your courage, your passion, and your paddling prowess to join us in this Rebel Alliance. Together, we can conquer this 16 mile river trip and bring balance back to The Force!

We have 5 opportunities this Spring

for you to Awaken your stoke


  • SATURDAY MAY 11 = 6,000 CFS – Whitewater Warrior Weekend
  • SATURDAY MAY 18 = 6,000 CFS – Whitewater Warrior Weekend
  • SUNDAY MAY 26 = 6,000 CFS – Memorial Day Weekend
  • SATURDAY JUNE 1 = 4,000 CFS
  • SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1 = 5,500 CFS – Labor Day Weekend
dead river rafting

Where Should I stay for my Dead River trip?

Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Our 6 Maine Cabin Rentals are the ideal spot for those seeking adventure and comfort. You’ll feel right at home at our Forks Maine Cabin Rentals with heat or A/C, comfortable beds, a full bathroom and living room. All Log Cabins also include daily housekeeping, all linens needed for bedding, and bathroom towels.

Inn By The River

Inn By The River

This four-season inn has 10 comfortable rooms in a country style setting for you to enjoy. The Inn by the River carries a relaxed ambiance that reflects our serene riverside setting. Centrally located in the heart of Maine’s outdoor recreation capital, the Inn offers convenient access to  tubingfishinghiking, and more.

Bunk Houses

Bunk Houses

Our bunk houses are a wooden structure with a screen door & window and four sets of bunks (sleeps up to 8). For smaller groups, we have mini bunk houses that sleep 3-4 people in platform beds. Each bunk house also has a picnic table and a fire ring.



Spread over acres of grassy fields, amongst tall pines and along the Kennebec River is our Kelley Brook Campground. Only a short walk from our headquarters where you will find Boatman’s Bar & Grill & our Trading Post store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go whitewater rafting in Maine?

Our Maine whitewater rafting trips take you into New England’s finest wilderness areas and provide you with views you could only get to on a raft! Maine is also one of the few places in the world with guaranteed whitewater rafting trips 7 days per week. Most rivers rely on snowmelt or rainfall to give them enough water to raft on - Maine get’s enough water from its dams to raft every day from May to October. This means the water we raft on is much warmer than other parts of the world - sometimes reaching 70 degrees in July and August. Maine - The Way Rafting Should Be!

How far in advance should I book my rafting trip?

The earlier the better! Especially if you plan on booking lodging with us. While we do take last minute reservations, we strongly suggest that you book your trip as far in advance as possible. We have been able to get people on the river with less than a day's notice, but we prefer to have ample time to arrange guides and logistics for your river trip.

What should we bring?

We outfit you with your life jacket, helmet, and paddle. We also have wet suits and splash tops available to rent. We recommend dry fit, breathable clothing!

Are photos or videos part of the trip?

Every trip either has a photographer or a videographer recording your raft as it goes through the biggest and best rapids of the day! When we get back to base, there is a photo or video presentation where you get to watch yourself conquer the mightiest rapids on the river. For many, the photo/video presentation is one of the highlights of the trip. Afterwards, the photos and videos of your raft are available for purchase in the gift shop. Share your Maine rafting trip memories with your friends on social media and be sure to tag @threeriverswhitewater

What meals are included with the trip?

There is a river lunch included in your trip. You get your choice of burger, veggie burger, fish, chicken, or steak and an assortment of freshly prepared sides like mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, river rice, cole slaw, and our chocolate chip cookies. 

NOTE: Guests with special dietary requests should notify us beforehand so we can best accommodate their needs.

How many people can fit in a raft?

All of our rafts are 16 feet long. The maximum number of people in one raft is 10 plus the Registed Maine River Guide. Most rafts end up with 6 to 8 people in them. No matter how many people you end up rafting with, it all comes down to how well you work as a team to paddle through the rapids. 

Is rafting fun?

No... it’s SERIOUS FUN! You’ll have a hard time finding a more fun way to spend the day after you have been on one of our Maine white water rafting trips. Think about how much fun you have while on a roller coaster - well it’s even more fun than that! Because instead of just being along for the ride, YOU are a part of the experience.

Is this the right adventure for my family/group?

Most likely, yes! Rafting is fun for everyone and our Registered Maine River Guides will cater the experience on the river to you and your group. The time spent on the river and in these wilderness areas is priceless. And without any cell phones to distract you, you’ll find it to be surprisingly refreshing.

Do I need to have experience to go rafting?

Not at all! Many of our guests are first timers and our Registered Maine River Guides pride themselves on their ability to teach their crews how to work together on the river. You will receive plenty of instruction on safety prior to the trip and there is time to practice paddling before you run any rapids. We LOVE taking first timers down the river and exposing them to our favorite places in the world. If you are an experienced rafter, we recommend our most challenging trip on the Penobscot River.

Can I bring my phone with me on the rafting trip?

It’s not recommended and won’t even have service - and that’s the best part! You will be free of distractions and really get to enjoy the pristine wilderness areas that you’re in. You’ll find that when you unplug for the day, it’s a lot easier to reconnect - with nature, your friends, your family, and yourself.

What if it’s raining on the day I’m supposed to go rafting?

We run our rafting trips 7 days per week - rain or shine! In fact, rafting is probably the most fun thing you can do outside in the rain - you’re gonna get wet anyways!

What sets Three Rivers apart from other rafting companies in Maine?

The Three Rivers Family has the highest standards for safety and guest service. We spend more time and money training our staff than any other outfitter in Maine. Our goal is for you to leave Three Rivers with lifelong memories. Since 1997, our commitment to being the best rafting outfitter in Maine has built our reputation as “The Home of Serious Fun”. But don’t just take our word for it - head to Trip Advisor to see why we have 300 more 5 Star Reviews than any other rafting outfitter in the state