Fall Rafting in Maine

Fall Rafting in Maine

Rafting isn’t just a summer activity!


You may think that it couldn’t get much better than whitewater rafting down a beautiful raging river in the Maine wilderness. That is, until you find yourself rafting down a river surrounded by the most breath-taking and eye-popping autumn colors, so vibrant that you think the trees are on fire!


Let us tell you why rafting in Maine this autumn is one of THE coolest experiences you will have this year.



1. The Foliage

Fall Rafting in MaineMaine fall foliage is simply out of this world. Our forests spark up with glorious, rich colors that take your breath away. Prepare yourself for a sensory overload on the river, because you won’t know whether to concentrate on the raging water as you shred through rapids or the stunning foliage crowding the riverbanks all around you.



2. Less people!

Especially in a time of social distancing, autumn time may be your best bet for a more intimate experience rafting on the river. There will be less crowds, which means an expedited check-in and put-in process, a smoother day, and a more personal experience with the river and your guide. 


3. Exclusive Stops!

Because there are less people, there are more chances to make exclusive stops along the sides of the river. Especially on the Kennebec River, there are several pit stops our guides enjoy making with small trips, including Dead Stream Falls and Blackbrook Falls, where guests can cliff-jump into a waterfall-fed pool!


4. Special Dead River Trips!

There are special Dead River releases in the fall! This unique rafting trip only happens a few times a year, and is something repeat-rafters need to experience! It’s an entirely different experience, because it is the most continuous whitewater rapids in the Northeast.


5. HUGE WATER Trips!

Fall Rafting in MaineAnother specialty trip in the fall are the HUGE WATER releases on the Kennebec River. You may have seen the river at 5000 CFS, but what about nearly double the water volume, 8000+ CFS? It’s a whole new river, and it’s a wild ride!

6. While temperatures will be cooler, the water is still warm because of the nature of how our whitewater is generated. Since our whitewater is dam generated by Harris Station Dam that means that all that water just sits in Lake Moxie warming up before it is released! The air still might be a little chilly so we do recommend our wetsuit rental for those days. Wetsuits are great insulators and keep you warm and dry, so that you can be completely relaxed and in the paddling zone for rafting those rapids!

7. All types of outdoor recreation in Maine are still on full-blast and have a special edge in the autumn time. Hiking, scenic drives, ATV rentals, paddle boarding, sky diving, and every other way of immersing yourself in the brilliant foliage and beautiful wilderness are spectacular experiences.  Come for the rafting and you won’t know what to choose for your second day activity.



Don’t let your sense of adventure die with the end of summer! 

Scratch autumn rafting off your bucket list, and reserve your spot here.


Fall Rafting in Maine