Day In the Life of a River Guide at Three Rivers Whitewater on the Kennebec River

Guide Training Class 2020

A Day in the Life of a River Guide at Three Rivers Whitewater on the Kennebec River is packed with a variety of tasks and responsibilities to ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable rafting experience. Here’s a breakdown of the typical day for a river guide:


7 AM: Pre-Trip Meeting

River guides gather for a pre-trip meeting to discuss the day’s itinerary, safety protocols, and any specific information about the upcoming rafting trips.

In this meeting, guides are assigned various tasks for the morning.

Assigned Morning Tasks

Guides are assigned tasks such as preparing equipment, checking rafts, ensuring safety gear is in good condition, and other preparations for the day’s trips.


Put In Truck

Guides load the necessary equipment and gear onto the put-in truck, which will transport everything to the starting point of the rafting trip.


 Breakfast (Cooking and Serving)

Guides help prepare and serve breakfast for the guests. This might involve cooking food and setting up a breakfast area.


Putting on PFD


PFD (Lay Out PFD)

Guides lay out Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) for guests, making sure they are easily accessible and properly fitted.


Lunch Prep

Guides begin preparing for lunch by gathering ingredients, cooking meat (burgers, chicken, steak), and organizing the lunch area.


9 AM: Raft Trip Check-in

Guides check in the rafting trip guests, making sure they have completed necessary paperwork and are ready for the adventure.


Check Guest In

Guides manage the guest check-in process, confirming reservations and handling any last-minute details.


Gear Guests up in Wetsuits, PFDs, Helmets, and Paddles

Guides assist guests in getting geared up for the rafting trip, including fitting them with wetsuits, PFDs, and helmets, and distributing paddles.


Safety Speech


Safety Meeting

Guides conduct a safety briefing for the guests, explaining safety procedures, paddle commands, and what to expect during the trip.

 Get on Bus

Guides help guests board buses that will transport them to the starting point of the rafting adventure.


10 to 10:30: Get to Harris Station Dam

Guides and guests travel to the Harris Station Dam, the starting point of the rafting trip.


Prepare Guests for Rafting Trip

Guides provide further instructions to guests, ensuring they are mentally and physically prepared for the rafting experience.

Rafting down Kennebec River


Go Rafting!

The thrilling part begins as guides lead the guests through the class 3 and 4 whitewater rapids, navigating challenging sections of the river.


Get to Take Out

After the rafting journey, guides and guests reach the take-out point where the rafting boats are loaded onto the put-in vehicle.


Post Trip Clean Up

Guides clean up the area, including washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping and mopping floors, and tidying up tables.


Post Trip Meeting

Guides hold a meeting to review how the trip went, discussing any incidents, injuries, or equipment issues that occurred during the day.


Clock Out

Guides finish their shift, completing any necessary paperwork and officially clocking out for the day.


Overall, being a river guide involves a mix of outdoor adventure, customer service, safety management, and teamwork. It’s a dynamic role that requires adaptability and a passion for providing memorable experiences to guests.