Camping Checklist: 10 Essentials to Pack for your Next Camping Trip

There’s nothing better than escaping from society for a little bit. Camping is a great way to unplug and reconnect with yourself and nature. Whether it’s at our Kelley Brook Campground here in the Forks, Maine or anywhere else…

Here’s 10 essentials to being on your next camping trip

1. Tent 

A tent will help protect you from the elements and insects to ensure a comfortable camping experience. We recommend setting up your tent at least once before embarking on your trip to be as prepared as possible. Make sure your tent is big enough for your group, and if you want some extra space make sure to size up. Don’t forget to bring along a rain fly just in case!

camping checklist

2. Sleeping Bag

It can be difficult for some to get a good night’s sleep in a tent, however a proper sleep system can make all the difference. Pack a sleeping bag with an appropriate temperature rating for the region and climate where you’ll be camping. Extra blankets are also always a good idea!

3. Sleeping pad/air mattress

A sleeping bag is only half of your comfort. Make sure to bring along a sleeping pad or air mattress to help keep you comfortable and warm! It’s also always a good idea to pack a pillow.

camping checklist

4. Camp stove

If you like to cook your own meals with a view, then a camp stove is a must! There are a variety of camp stoves out there that all have different advantages, just make sure to purchase the right kind of fuel for whichever you choose. All of our campsites have a picnic table you can set your stove on. If you don’t want to cook on your trip – you are on vacation after all – check out this blog on where to eat in The Forks!

5. Bugspray

In Maine the bugs can be really bad especially in the early summer, so make sure you pack bug spray and lots of it!

6. Sunscreen

Protect your skin, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen for those sunny days!

7. Cooler

Whether you fill it with food or your favorite drinks, it’s always nice to pack a cooler for your camping trip!

8. Light (flashlight, headlamp, lantern)

It can get dark in the woods at night so you’ll want to pack some form of light. We recommend a headlamp so you can be hands free, but lanterns and flashlights are also good options for navigating in the dark.

9. Clothing

The clothes you pack for your camping trip are largely dependent on the season and climate you’ll be camping in. You’ll want to have a variety of layers to help transition from a hot summer day to a chillier night sitting around the campfire. If you’re rafting with us, we recommend avoiding cotton on the river and make sure you have a pair of shoes with an ankle strap – Chaco’s, water shoes, or an old pair of sneakers work great! Check out this blog for more info on what to wear on your rafting trip!

10. Water

Hydration is super important so make sure to bring lots of water!

camping checklist

Worried about forgetting something? Don’t be! If you forget to pack anything for your trip to the Forks, the Three Rivers Trading Post sells an assortment of camping essentials to ensure you have a seriously fun and comfortable camping trip!

Happy camping!