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Three Rivers Whitewater Rating News & Updates

Maine Whitewater Guide Training

On Tuesday, May 22nd, myself and 10 teammates graduated training and became Licensed Maine Whitewater Guides. Maine River Guide Training at Three Rivers Whitewater is some of the most rigorous, intensive, and in-depth training available in Maine. At Three...

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Returning to the Three Rivers Family

Why would anyone move from the Caribbean to Maine for work? As you drive up North on The 201, 30 some-odd miles south of Three Rivers on the left hand side, you’ll drive past Robbins Hill Scenic Area. On my way up to Maine for my first summer of work in...

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Three Rivers & Augusta Boys & Girls Club

Founded in 2000, the Augusta Boys & Girls Club for Teens works to inspire and enable today’s youth to realize their full potential to become healthy, responsible, productive, and thoughtful citizens in their community.  The club supports teens who are considered...

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Winter Survival Kits for Vehicles

No one ever plans on becoming stranded on the side of the road.  Whether it be from a crash, car trouble, or impassable driving conditions, it’s just something that happens.  Like a good pair a jumper cables, a winter survival kit for your vehicle is an essential in...

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Cold Stream Falls Hike

Why Bother? While Moxie Falls is undoubtedly the most popular waterfall in The Forks area, the trip to Cold Stream Falls is well worth the visit. Cold Stream is a 15 mile waterway north of the Forks in Johnson Mountain Township. It has established itself as a premiere...

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Maine Snowmobile Trail Maintenance

We all love Maine snowmobiling! The state is known for its fast, wide and flat trials that can take you anywhere in the state! One thing that not everyone knows, is the amount of hard work and effort that it takes to create this amazing and...

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Haunted Locations By Our Rafting Bases

     The Three Rivers crew has explored many different areas in the state. These range from mountains, rivers, even to haunted sites in Maine. From our experiences here is the single most haunted area by each of our rafting bases. Each has it's own story...

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You Better Square Up

Life Lessons From The River Author: Aron Bayreuther Those were the last words I heard before I dropped over a Class III+ rapid in pursuit of a lost boat. I was in an inflatable kayak (called a ducky) on a river I had never seen before, going over a rapid...

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Katahdin Hikes 101

Katahdin: Katahdin is an outdoor marvel tucked away inside the heart of Baxter State Park, located outside of Millinocket, ME. The name originates from the native Penobscot Tribe, and means “The Greatest Mountain”. The summit is known best as the northern terminal of...

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