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Three Rivers Whitewater Rating News & Updates

Family and The Great Outdoors

It’s so easy to get sucked into work, school, and other not so fun stuff today. The internet is great and all, but it means we are accessible at all hours. Bad news fills the front pages, and it’s nearly impossible to empty an inbox. Sometimes we’ve just gotta...

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Meet Kim

Kim. It rhymes with him, grim, Slim Jim and Tim. Unfortunately, none of these words tell Kim’s story, but all the words that follow do. Kim wasn’t always the Kim that we know and love, she was actually born named ‘Kimberly’. Kim does a lot, but she says her primary...

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Meet Tyler

Tyler Holt is a Mainer from way back. He was born in 1990 and grew up in the sleepy town of Camden. Tyler went to school at Camden Hills Regional before majoring in Life at The College of Fun. After graduating with honors at age 20, he continued his education by...

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Meet Bobby

Bob the Builder of Serious Fun. Bob Bergeron Jr, also known as “Bob Burgers-On the Grill After a River Trip Jr” or just “Bobby”, is our river manager here at Three Rivers. Bobby is a long-time river guide and started his Three Rivers career as an intern 8 years ago....

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Meet Kristin

Mama Bear Author’s Note: I’m very excited to be writing this blog because Kristin is actually my Mom! She is also everybody else’s Mom here at Three Rivers, so I guess that doesn’t make me too special. Kristin (Mama Bear) is from Ipswich, MA. Before Kristin, the last...

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A Three Rivers Love Story

It’s a love story like every other, if every other love story involves an insatiable passion for whitewater rafting, contains an eight-day guide training boot camp, and culminates in a riverside engagement. This love story is Mike and Cynthia’s. Mike and Cynthia,...

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Meet Will

The Man, The Beard, The Legend. ‘Willy’, ‘Wilson!’, ‘William Whose Primary Concern is With Making a Million’ or to all of us here at Three Rivers just ‘Will’, is a river guide, and one of our beloved guide trainers. Originally from Cedar Run, NJ, Will now lives in...

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CFS and the Lure of High Water Rafting

What are CFS? CFS. It stands for many different things. For doctors and those it affects it’s a debilitating illness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To musicians in Florida it’s the Central Florida Symphony. To whitewater enthusiasts like us CFS stands for Cubic...

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