A Day On The Kennebec River

Kennebec River Check-In

Get yourself dusted off and ready for a 9:00AM check in time at The Trading Post. After checking in for your Kennebec River Rafting Trip you’ve got little time, so grab yourself a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. Next, head outside and get fitted for a personal floatation device (PFD), paddle, and helmet. If you have decided to rent a wetsuit you will head across the street and there will be a guide waiting to fit you. The guides will assist you and ensure that you are getting the right equipment that keeps you safe and comfortable out on the river. Following this you will participate in an entertaining but also informative safety speech by the trip leader who will cover everything you need to know about the trip to come. Once you hear the famous words “Who’s ready to go rafting?” we pack onto the bus and get ready for an exhilarating ride. 

The Kennebec River put-in

Kennebec River

The “Stairway to Heaven”

After arriving at Harris Station Dam and walking down the stairs you are ready to finally start your day. Congratulations by the way, you just got through the most dangerous part of your journey. The majority of rafting injuries actually occur before stepping inside the raft. You are more likely to be injured on the shuttle vehicle or on the stairs than you are while on the river. Once you get to the water your guide will crack a few jokes and off you go. After pushing off the shore and practicing a few paddle commands with your guide, you’re ready for a wet and wild day on the river. 

On the Kennebec River

trained river guides

Guide Training

Now that you’re on the river it is up to your guide to lead you. Our experienced and highly trained river guides will ensure your safety all the way from the put-in until the second your party reaches shore. With the most challenging and demanding guide training course in the industry, each and every Three Rivers guide is beyond qualified to lead anyone and everyone down river. Make sure you listen carefully to each of your guides instructions! After your day of smashing huge rapids the river flattens out and you get to relax and enjoy the smooth ride on the calmer lower Kennebec. Here you may see bald eagles as well as other Maine wildlife. Once you reach the lower river the most dangerous rapids are behind you but remember to always stay alert even when the water is calm.

The Take Out

After floating down the scenic lower Kennebec river you have finally made it safely to our takeout, crusher pool. Although the big splashing rapids are behind you, the best part of the day is still to come. LUNCH, of course! You load the bus and head back to base. After only a two minute drive you are back to the base and ready to change into dry clothes. After a quick change of clothes, make your way over to Boatman’s Bar & Grill for food, drinks, & a photo show of your trip! Your guides that brought you down the river are the ones who serve you a fresh and delicious lunch. 

The Photo Show

Nope, the funs not over yet. After filling up on a hearty lunch we all head back inside to watch the picture slideshow. Those photographers weren’t standing on the side of the river by accident. Here you get to see your trips photos from your day on the river. Lots of smiles and funny faces are seen here so you don’t want to miss out. This is a highlight of the Kennebec River Trip and everyone loves seeing themselves driving through the biggest hits of the day. These photos can also be purchased online on our website so that you can make these memories last a lifetime. 

Until Next Time

Although this is the end of this whitewater rafting journey, Three Rivers operates on two more rivers! Check out our Dead River & Penobscot River rafting trips for even more fun! Looking to supplement your rafting trip with a hike? Check out awesome waterfall locations like Moxie Falls or Houston Brook Falls. For a complete list of our recommended hikes in The Forks check here. Looking for a different kind of river fun? Rent a tube at the Inn by the River, or even rent a ducky and explore Pleasant Pond.