5 Best Team Building Activities

5 Best Team Building Activities

It’s no secret that success is easier achieved when everybody is working together- whether its a beloved crime-solving cartoon, a company reaching its sales goals, a basketball team taking home the national championship title (Virginia National Championship Run Was Shaped By A Preseason Whitewater Rafting Trip), or other team building activities.

As a coach, supervisor or team leader it is your job to make sure your gang is working together as a unit. Luckily team-building activities can be super fun! Here are our top five team-building activities proven for success:

1. Whitewater Rafting

All ahead! Whitewater rafting is arguably the most effective team bonding activity. Everyone must paddle together and in sync towards a common goal: safely navigating the river. The river is an unpredictable and fast-paced environment which requires a great deal of listening, cooperation, and trust within the group. Remember trust falls at camp? This is way way better. Maine Whitewater Rafting is simply loads of fun. Step up your water cooler conversations and give your team a memorable experience they will not soon forget! (Check out our Group Trips!)

2. Skydiving

A team that jumps together wins together! Is there anything that brings a team together more than a shared adrenaline rush? You may start the day as nervous individuals, but once your feet touch the ground again you land as a team bonded by the shared experience of flying through the air at free fall speeds. (Jump with us!)

3. Hiking

An outdoor team-bonding activity that takes a little less commitment and organization is hiking! Fresh air and a little exercise can do wonders for one’s individual creativity. When hiking together the benefits are limitless. Hiking in groups promotes communication and leadership (someone has to lead the way) and emphasises the importance of moving together as a group. It is a hike and not a race, so nobody wins by separating and rushing ahead of the group. If the trail is a bit difficult or particularly long, hiking together can also evoke determination, grit and feeling of self-pride when reaching the top. (“Most Must-Do Hike in the Forks Maine“)

4. Camping

Get your crew outside! Camping opens up a whole world of team-building activities. Get your team communicating and working together to set up camp, forage for firewood, and cook dinner over the flame. From sharing stories around a campfire to sharing sleeping quarters your teammates are bound to understand and learn more about each other. Bonus points if there is no cell service! (Camp with us!)

5. Pig Roast!

Maybe not your first thought… but a team that eats together stays together! Nothing brings people together better than food, and if you’re going to do it do it right. At Three Rivers we are especially proud of our famous pig roasts and we want to share this experience with you!