Inflatable Kayak Trips

Inflatable Kayak Trips

Looking for a unique trip that allows you to choose your own adventure? An Inflatable Kayak Trip may be right for you! These trips make a perfect addition to a Maine whitewater rafting trip, or are great if you’ve joined us before and are looking for a new way to experience the river in a new way! 

We run Inflatable Kayak Trips on the Lower Kennebec River and the Seboomook River. Our Kennebec River Overnight Trip also includes a day in inflatable kayaks on the East Outlet of Moosehead Lake.


Lower Kennebec Inflatable Kayak Trip

This trip begins at Carry Brook, downstream of most of the major rapids in the Kennebec River gorge. You’ll paddle through Class III Black Brook Rapid, which features fun waves and holes to hit as well as opportunities to “surf” your inflatable kayak. 

The Lower Kennebec River features pristine Maine forest all around, so as you float along the flat water sections of the river, keep an eye out for wildlife. We often see bald eagles on this section of the river! On the way back to our base at The Forks Fun Resort, we stop at Moxie Falls – a 90-foot single drop waterfall, the largest in Maine.


Seboomook River Inflatable Kayak Trip

The Seboomook River Inflatable Kayak Trip is a hidden gem and definitely the “Guide’s Choice” trip. By far the most remote trip we offer, your day starts with a 2.5 hour drive down dirt roads away from our Penobscot Outpost

Once we arrive at the stretch of river we run – which is actually a portion of the West Branch of the Penobscot River that we run our Penobscot Rafting Trips on – the serious fun quickly begins. It’s a short stretch of river, only about 2.5 miles, but we get to run it twice.Seboomook River Inflatable Kayak Trip 

On the first run, you’ll get used to paddling your inflatable kayak, going through wave trains and drop offs. Your guides will run the rapids first to show you the best line to take. Toward the end of the first run, you have the chance to “surf” some awesome holes. 

After a stop for lunch at the take out, get ready for round two! The second run of the river is great because you get to decide how to structure it – you can stop to surf and play at more spots if you’d like. And you get a chance at redemption for any rapids that maybe didn’t go so well the first time! 


Kennebec River Overnight Trip

Our Kennebec River Overnight Trip is a special experience that allows you to totally unplug. Aside from the remoteness of our campsite (and the awesome stargazing at night), perhaps the best part of this trip is the first day when we take inflatable kayaks down the East Outlet of Moosehead Lake, which connects Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond.

We run a 3 mile stretch of the East Outlet, which features super fun Class I, II, and III rapids. There are great spots to surf too that your guide will show you. 

This is just the beginning of your adventure on your Kennebec River Overnight Trip – you’ll join up with the Kennebec River One Day whitewater rafting trip the next day. But this first day is a unique experience that should not be missed!


Kennebec River Overnight TripReady to Join Us?

If you have any questions about one of our Inflatable Kayak Trips, our team of Fun Specialists is ready to give you the information you need. Give us a call at 207-663-2104 and we’ll get you set up for a Serious Fun adventure to remember!




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