What to bring Tubing

So you are all booked for tubing and you’re excited to be on the water, but still might be wondering…

What should we bring for our float trip?


1. Swimsuit

Wear that swimsuit or something you don’t mind getting wet, because the water is warm and fun to splash around in!

2. Hat and sunglasses

On sunny days, the sun is very strong overhead and you may want some protection!

3. Sunscreen

Protect your skin! On sunny days, you’re going to need it.

4. Footwear with an ankle strap

Your favorite flip-flops will likely end up somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (The Kennebec flows all the way to the coast).

5. Snacks

The float is between two and three hours long so come prepared to handle the afternoon munchies! The Inn by the River, your check-in location, also houses a Restaurant and Pub so you can grab lunch or drinks before your float.

6. Drink of choice

Stock a cooler with your favorite bubbly drink for your float trip!

7. Water

You’re going to get thirsty out there so fill up a water bottle beforehand.

8. Bluetooth speaker

Bring the chill vibes of the river up a level with some tunes!

9. PRO TIP: RENT An extra tube for your cooler

Don’t forget to add another tube to your reservation for the cooler! Our tubes can tether together, so you can easily tow it. Nobody wants to carry that thing downriver in their lap.

10. Waterproof cases for your phone and other valuables

The Kennebec has swallowed GoPros, phones, and countless other valuable electronics, so consider bringing a waterproof case. Ideally, one that can clip onto the carabiner attached to your tube.


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