How To Spot A Moose In Maine

Maine Moose

The state of Maine offers so many different activities ranging from whitewater rafting to skydiving over 17 million acres of forest. While Maine is most often known for gorgeous mountains and towering waterfalls, another activity that can be just as exhilarating and rewarding is moose spotting. It will certainly take some searching, but if you keep your eyes peeled you may just come home with an experience that you won’t forget.

 Maine has the highest moose population at 70,000 which is the most in any state in the lower 48. With a population this high looking at the right times and the right places may just give you the rare treat of spotting one of these thousand pound giants. Whether you are an experienced spotter or an adventurous first timer, here are 3 tips that will give you the best chance to spot a moose. 


Where are they most often spotted?

Thickly forested areas surrounded by streams and ponds give you the best chance to see one with your own eyes. If you are on wide highways with no sight of water, you may be in the wrong place. Luckily Moose have often been spotted at Indian Pond Road right here in the Forks. This road is the entrance to the Harris station dam where we begin our whitewater Kennebec river trips. What better way to start your rafting trip than by seeing a moose! Try to find back roads like this one that are surrounded by heavy forest and different bodies of water. The more bugs hitting your windshield the better!

What time of year are they most active?

How To Spot A Moose In Maine

Not one, not two, but THREE moose!

Fall and Spring are the best times to spot a moose. Fall is not only the mating season but it is also when the moose’s antlers are fully developed and can be up to 6 feet in length weighing almost 70 pounds. In the Fall moose often have a full coat of hair ranging from a little brown to a dusty black color. If you can’t go moose spotting in the Fall, don’t worry! Moose are also extremely active in the spring. During this time of year moose often look mangy and ragged because this is when they shed their winter coats. Make sure you drive with extra caution when looking during this time of year as moose can be spotted regularly licking the roads from salt leftover during the winter season. 

What time of day are they most active?

Moose are the most active and easiest to observe at dusk and dawn. This is especially true when it is hot out because they feed while it is cooler during the day. Go get some coffee and search for these majestic animals just before sunrise. If you need your beauty sleep no worries, just go on a drive right as the sun is setting. Searching for moose at these times will be the most efficient and effective ways to lay your eyes on the best animal Maine has to offer.