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Hiking Trips in The Forks


We guide you on a hike up the rugged slopes of Pleasant Pond Mountain. This hike is part of the Appalachian Trail which runs from Georgia to Maine. Upon reaching the summit we have a picnic and drink while enjoying the panoramic views of Maine’s rugged mountains, lakes and rivers. (The lunch this day may be substituted with a BBQ at base if weather conditions prevent picnicking.)

No age minimum.

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Hiking Trips In Millinocket

The Millinocket boasts possibly the best hiking in Maine and certainly the most famous. Baxter State Park and Mount Katahdin, Maine’s highest mountain and the beginning and end of The Appalachian Trail, are just outside of town and only minutes from The Penobscot Outpost. Baxter and Katahdin have countless trails from the easy walk to see a moose to the all day try for the summit and Knifes Edge. What more could you ask for when it comes to hiking. Ask our reservation staff about arranging a guided hike in Baxter or to other area attractions.

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Hiking Trips to Moxie Falls

It is the largest waterfall in Maine at 92ft tall. It is just up the road from both the The Forks Outdoor Fun Resort and The Inn By the River. There are nice hiking trail to and from the falls as well as down to The Kennebec River where Moxie Stream and the Kennebec River come together ¾ of a mile down stream of the falls. This waterfall is also one of the falls we visit on our Waterfall Wildlife Safaris that make a great addition day’s activity when in The Forks whitewater rafting The Kennebec and Dead Rivers.

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